RV Campground in Lancaster, OH

2715 Sugar Grove Road, SE

​Lancaster, OH  43130

(740) 653-4519

​e-mail - info@rvatlakeview.com



Lakeview RV park offers the ultimate diving experience for novice or experienced divers in Central Ohio. The underwater experience prepares you with the skills you need to begin exploring the underwater world. 

  • Aquatic Life (Blue Gill, Bass, Crappie, Carp, Catfish, Mussels, Clam)
  • Bath House
  • Designated Beach and Swimming Area
  • ​Diving Attractions (Twin Engine Plane, Frito Lay Truck, Car, Boat, Weed Bed Reef, Culvert Pipe, Wheel Chair, etc.
  • Maximum Depth - 50 ft.
  • Visibility 10-30 ft. Depending on Weather
  • Teaching Platform


Air Tank Refills - $10.00

​Diving - $15.00

Snorkeling - $15.00

Lakeview RV Park  in Lancaster, OH offers an opportunity for locals, rescue drivers, scuba diver certification trainers, and campers to enjoy a tranquil scuba diving experience in a 16-acre, 50 ft. deep spring fed quarry.  

Many underwater attractions are strategically placed at various points throughout the lake for a complete diving experience.  

We offer an on-site tank refill station and full service RV Park and campground for overnight stays.

Call (740) 653-4519 for diving and campsite availability.