RV Campground in Lancaster, OH

2715 Sugar Grove Road, SE

​Lancaster, OH  43130

(740) 653-4519

​e-mail - info@rvatlakeview.com


May 13,2017   5:30pm Ham n Beans 

Please bring a dessert or cornbread side.

 Fishing! Catch and keep day $5.             

 Sign up from 9-10:00 am at shelter house and fish all day.

June 10,2017  5:30pm POTLUCK!

July 15,2017  5:30pm Spaghetti n Meatballs

Please bring a salad, dessert, or bread.

​Greased Watermelon contest at 2:00pm ​  

 At the beach, prepare to get wet!

July 19-29 Lancaster Festival

10 days of music and fun!

August 12,2017  5:30pm Breakfast Potluck for Dinner

September 16,2017 5:30pm

​Roast Pork (provided) please bring a side.

​Go Bucks!

October 7,2017  5:30 "SOUPLUCK"

​Bring your favorite soup to share.

​4:00pm Pumpkin Carving Fun BYOP! (pumpkin)

​Go Bucks!

October 8-14 Fairfield County Fair.

"I think it's the best RV Park in the State of Ohio. Great location, close to everything."

- Hank Taylor


Fishing  Tournament

Potlucks  at the Shelter House

Reminder Notices

  • No pets in shelter area during scheduled events
  • Please use plastic or non-alcoholic beverage containers for all beverages
  • Bring personal table service to all shelter area events
  • Don't forget our 50/50 drawings

Lakeview RV Park presents a full schedule of organized weekend activities throughout the season, with fun events for all ages. All campers are welcome at scheduled events. Our 2017 activities are on there way...here are just a few to start.

Lakeview RV Park 2017 Activities