Lakeview RV Park
2715 Sugar Grove Road
Lancaster, OH 43130
(740) 653-4519
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Lake View RV Park in Lancaster, OH offers an opportunity for locals, rescue divers, scuba diver certification trainers and campers to enjoy a tranquil scuba diving experience in a 16-acre, 50 ft. deep spring fed quarry. 

Many underwater attractions are strategically placed at various points throughout the lake for a complete diving experience. 

We offer an on-site tank refill station and full service RV Park and campgrounds for overnight stays. 

Call ahead for diving and campsite availability.

Amenities offered:

  • Dressing Platform
  • Bathhouse
  • Laundry Facility
  • Multiple Entry Areas
  • Designated Beach and Swimming Area
  • Diving Attractions (Twin Engine Plane, Frito Lay Truck, Car, Weed Bed Reef, Culvert Pipe, Wheelchair, etc.)
  • Teaching Platform
  • Maximum Depth - 50 Ft.
  • Visibility 10-30 Ft. depending on weather
  • Aquatic Life (Blue Gill, Bass, Crappie, Carp, Catfish, Mussels, Clam)


Diving $10.00
Air Tank Refills $10.00
Snorkeling   $6.00

Contact Lakeview Rv Park Diving, Lancaster, OH
for diving and camping reservations at (740) 653-4519.
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